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OpenBook Publishing Process


Publishing your book with OpenBook is stress-free. Just write all your words in a book. We make it into final book in the following process:

  1. Submit your written work for typesetting (FREE).
  2. If you have editor, we give the printed copies or hard-copies free of charge for editing.

  3. For our editor to proofread and make correction, it costs N100 per page. So with three different editors, it costs a total of N300 per page.
  4. After a perfect manuscript, the book is ready for laying.
  5. Cover design with Free ISBN & Genuine Barcode Generation.
  6. The number of pages and the size will determine the price with minimum of a thousand copies.
  7. Moderate price quote: 

    A5S1/240Pages/1000Copies: NGN450,000

    A5S2/192Pages/1000Copies: NGN360,000

    A5S3/160Pages/1000Copies: NGN300,000

    A5S4/112Pages/1000Copies: NGN210,000

  8. Acceptance for payment.
  9. Fill out the Visitor Contact Form in the Register/Login page. You can access your account anytime.
  10. Click for PAYMENT 
  11. Delivery within two months.


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