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Questionnaire is a research instrument for gathering information from the respondent through research questions formulated from the objectives of the study.

A questionnaire is not reliable until the internal consistency has been tested by conducting a pilot study of the questionnaire where Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient Test is implemented.

Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient Test is a reliability test conducted with SPSS in order to measure the internal consistency.

The following are the ranges of Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient Test considered as:

Excellent                    0.93-0.94
Strong                          0.91-0.93
Reliable                       0.84-0.90
Robust                         0.81
Fairly High                 0.76-0.95
High                            0.73-0.95
Good                           0.71-0.91
Relatively High        0.70-0.77
Slightly Low             0.68
Reasonable              0.67-0.87
Adequate                 0.64-0.85
Moderate                 0.61-0.65
Satisfactory             0.58-0.97
Acceptable              0.45-0.98
Sufficient                0.45-.096
Not Satisfactory    0.40-0.55
Low                          0.11

But according to Griethuijsen et al (2014), the threshold or cut-off as an acceptable, sufficient or satisfactory level is normally seen as ≥0.70 or >0.70.

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