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I came to know Rev Moses Okeke Ajah in 1994 at a Bible School where I was a teacher. He came from Sokoto to the school. In process of time, he was assigned to my worship centre for practical. When he completed his studies, I requested for his service in our ministry having seen his lifestyle all the while he was with us as a student. Though our ministry as at then was financially poor, he consented to work after much prayer. We were just beginning the work having nothing to show financially, other than God’s word. Inspite of this financial handicap, he even served for one year without monthly stipend. He stayed in my children’s room without complain, for over a year. He moved to a room in the market place where he struggled with pigs to enter his room. He was in that room for two years, yet without complain. All that mattered to him was an opportunity to serve, he enjoys serving and sacrificing. Pleasure and comfort were not his motives for ministry. SERVICE is! He never sought for a comfort zone. He derives special joy in service and loves serving even when he is not noticed or rewarded. He hates been applauded and he prefers the humble side of the life of service. Rev. Moses is at his best when he has opportunity to serve. You will never see him complaining or seeking position of authority to boost his ego. His lifestyle symbolizes service, no wonder the first book he would write is on the benefits of service, and indeed he qualifies to write on the subject: he ranks next and follows the foot path of great people of this world who became great by means of service to humanity and the principle of greatness as unfolded by the Lord Jesus Christ, Mark 10:43-45. No wonder he responded to the call of Prophet Isaiah and followed the principle of great patriots of America, who told Americans never to ask what their country will do for them but what they would do for America their beloved country. Rev. Moses Ajah Okeke never asked for what the ministry would do for him but what he could do for the ministry for almost 20 years that he has been around. I therefore, knowing the spirit behind this book recommend it to all new and old Christians alike for spiritual nourishment and effectiveness in the service of the Lord.

God bless you.

Rev. (Dr.) S. O. Daramola


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